Water is the beginning of everything  

Participating schools


I.E.S. Poeta Díaz Castro (Guitiriz, Spain)

St.-Jozefinstituut , (Geel, Belgium)

Heinitz-Gymnasium Rüdersdorf (Germany)

1st project meeting (Rüdersdorf, 22.11.-28.11.2007) more

2ed project meeting (Athens, 3.04-9.04.2008) more

3rd project meeting (Geel, 20.11-26.11.2008) more

4th project meeting (Guitiriz, 5.-11.3.2009) more

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Comenius Project

Water - source of life



supported by the EU

Partnership summery

In the first year the pupils deal with the importance of water as a natural resource and then with different kinds of analysis of water masses in the areas of each institution. They study concepts related to local geographical and cultural heritage, issues concerning  water,  using bibliographical and internet research, joint with interviews. All this data will be processed statistically. Each school will present the “Cycle of tap water”. The information gathered and the results will be exchanged and shared via the internet and in a meeting.

In the second year, the pupils will focus on the use and waste of water. They will try to reduce their water consumption and to manage the available resources. More widely energy consumption habits in everyday life are studied (similar to “The bet” project) and compared. They look for simple and practical recommendations for saving energy in our daily activities and at school.

Work inside the school and outdoor field work will be included in the project. The communication language will be English.

The general aim of the project is to make everyone involved more conscious about the recent environmental problems and the importance of stewardship of natural resources. to the top